I’m based in Bristol, UK, where I play fretted instruments and various electronic devices to make sounds and music. The genres hover around experimental music, jazz, industrial, acousmatic, ambient, drone, and straight up rock.

I own and operate a private recording studio (B4D455 Studio) which is the playground+laboratory for most of my sound and music endeavours.

Here are some of my areas of interest:

  • improvisation, solo and in small ensembles; I’m particularly interested in dynamic scoring, audio-visual instructions and live coding
  • spatial audio: I record and generate sounds in higher order ambisonics; my interest in particular is about how we translate ideas of composition and sense of location to auditory scenes
  • algorithmic and procedural methods of sound generation and composition: I’m interested in ways we can use algorithmics to express and perform artistic gestures and intentions. This ranges from “how does one control thousands of sound generators at once” to “how can I extend the expressive palette of my instrument for realtime performance.)
  • recording techniques
  • audio processing techniques, particularly based on spectral or feature analysis, or synthesis/analysis techniques.

I am an aficionado of guitar pedals (the weirder the better) and hardware synths (e.g. eurorack modular.)

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