Things in progress

My home studio is nearly finished; all the bigs jobs have now been completed and what remains are mostly finishing touches. I will post details when those are completed and the actual putting together of the studio will take place.

At the centre of it all will be a brand new Behringer X32 desk, which I’m very much looking forward to putting through its paces, along with an S16 digital snake, which will effectively handle nearly all the connections from the live room to the control room as well as the individual monitor mix feeds.

One thing that remains to be decide is what drum kit to permanently set up in the live room. The rationale is to have a permanent small but good kit (shells and hardware) so that visiting drummers need only bring their cymbals and snare if they want to. The kit needs to be suitable for a wide variety of music. I’m not a drummer, so I’m collecting opinions on the subject. Drummers, what do you think?