First go with my Lline 6 UX2 interface

I have been looking for a neat all-in-one solution that would allow me to learn bass lines while listening to tracks on the computer.

With all the house renovations, and the studio not quite inhabitable yet, it has been impractical to practice with headphones.

Enter the UX2. It’s a two-channel interface with two XLR and 1/4″ inputs which can accomodate low-impedance sources (such as guitars and basses.) Input 2 is padded; since I play active basses (Music Man Bongo 5 HH+piezo, American Jazz Bass V Deluxe), this is a nice touch.

It works great. The beauty is in the way the device works: the modelling and the mixing are happening in the interface itself. That means that you can jam to sound from any application (I’ve used VLC and iTunes, mostly), and there’s zero latency.

The models are pretty good too. For bass, the two models I’ve used are based on the Ampeg B15 combo (the sound of Motown) and the Gallien Krueger RB800. Both are very good and very usable.

I’m glad that I have no good reason to practice. That means I can only make more music, not less.