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Paper bags 5 May 2010

When I was a kid, supermarkets used paper bags. With all the fuss about plastic carrier bags now, why are supermarkets not reverting to brown paper bags? They’re tough, big and recyclable. So why not?

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First go with my Lline 6 UX2 interface

I have been looking for a neat all-in-one solution that would allow me to learn bass lines while listening to tracks on the computer. With all the house renovations, and the studio not quite inhabitable yet, it has been impractical to practice with headphones. Enter the UX2. It’s a two-channel interface with two XLR and [...]

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New blog 4 May 2010

The old blog was, well… a bit old. So I updated it. Somehow I managed to delete the old posts. I’ll take that as an opportunity for a clean slate. Bear with me while I repopulate this thing.

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